Live Jai Alai in Fort Lauderdale

The Casino @ Dania Beach has been proudly hosting live Jai Alai in Ft. Lauderdale for over 60 years!


If you’ve never seen a live match, swing by our casino and witness the fastest game ever played by man. Join the crowd and watch talented athletes from all over the globe catch and return balls traveling over 200 miles per hour! Join us for the next exciting match and place your bets on your favorite players or teams. When they leave the court winners, so will you!

What is Jai Alai?

Jai Alai is a sport played by eight players or eight teams of two players each. It is played on a three-walled court called a Fronton. The athletes compete “round-robin” style to be the first to reach seven or nine points depending on the type of match.

Two players or teams are on the court at any given time. Players use a wicker scoop called a cesta to serve, catch, and return a goat-skin ball. The ball bounces off the front wall and must be caught and returned while still in the air or shortly after the first bounce. The catch and return need to occur in one fluid motion.

Play continues this way until a player or team fails to catch and return the ball. When that happens, the opposing team scores. The scoring team remains on the court and plays the next player or team in line. The team that did not score goes to the back of the line.

Once a player or team reaches the scoring limit, the second highest score “places,” and the third highest, “shows.”

Jai Alai is loud, fast, and intense, and you don’t want to miss out on the action here at the Casino @ Dania Beach.

Jai Alai Schedule

1 PM and 7 PM EST

Thursdays & Fridays

1 PM and 7 PM EST


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Jai Alai Entries and Results

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Watch Live Jai Alai from the Comfort of Your Home

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Come Play at The Casino @ Dania Beach

The Casino @ Dania Beach is Ft. Lauderdale’s first choice for live Jai Alai and more. If you’re coming to Fort Lauderdale, head on over for a match, don’t miss out on all the other excitement offered in our recently renovated, smoke-free casino. On our casino floor, you’ll find hundreds of Las Vegas-Style slot machines, prizes such as cars, cash and more. We even have electronic table games. Upstairs we have a premium 24-table card room featuring cash games and tournament play every day of the week.

We also have a sports bar and simulcast lounge, multiple restaurant facilities, and an 850-seat event venue headlining the most talented performers in the nation. The Casino @ Dania Beach is Ft. Lauderdale’s favorite place to play!

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