Jai Alai at the Casino @ Dania Beach.

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• Qualifying round October 2nd through October 27th.

• The top 8 Front Court players and the top 8 Back Court players will be paired together to become a team that will compete in the head to head team match ups throughout the month of November with the final on December 13, 2019.

• The teams will be paired as follows, the top players in the front and back court will be paired together the second place will be paired together and so on.

• The eight teams will be placed on a bracket and will play the first elimination round of the tournament.

• In the second elimination round, four teams will remain. After the second round is finished the four remaining teams will play one more game each for first, second, And third place.

• In the loser’s bracket, the two teams will play for third and fourth place on Thursday, December 12. These will be 15-point games.

• The grand finale will come the next day, Friday, December 13, as the top two teams will battle for first place.

• The players are playing for a $15,000 Prize!

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