2019 Championship Jai Alai Roster

"2019 Championship Season Roster"
10GOIXERRI5’8”170New Haven, CT7/22/99
11ERIK5’9”165Trinidad, Bolivia10/25/86
12BEITIA5’7”175Mutriku, Spain8/8/72
13UBILLA6’0”185New Haven, CT11/18/91
14ARTA6’3”160Palm Beach Gardens, FL-USA5/3/88
15IBON6’3”195Berriatua, Spain1/12/87
16GOENAGA5’10”160Matriku, Spain3/10/97
17LADUTXE6’3”200Biarritz, France2/27/87
18CHASIO6’2”190Zarautz, Spain9/18/81
19MINTE5’9”180Bridgeport, CT- USA5/11/85
20ITURBIDE5’10”172Noain, Spain8/28/91
21JOHAN6’10”160Bayonne, France4/23/02
23ITHURRIA5’11”172Oloron St. Marie, France7/16/91
25FORONDA6’0”180Vitori-Gasteiz, Spain3/20/79
26JAGOBA5’10”164Orereta-Rentaria, Spain7/12/92
30LARREA6’0”185Vitoria, Spain3/19/75
31JAIRO5’10”178Vitori-Gasteiz, Spain8/10/82
33TEVIN6’2”175Bridgeport, CT1/17/72
35SPINNER6′ 0″180Boca Raton, FL5/3/91
38URBIETA5’9”175Zumaia, Spain11/6/89
39ISRAEL6’1”200Tudela, Spain9/11/87
42BARANDIKA5’11”179Bilbao, Spain3/23/90
46ARRIETA5’10”185Bridgeport, CT-USA5/16/80
47XABAT5’7”150Markina, Spain3/17/86
49AMIGORENA6’2”180Vitoria, Spain1/23/85
50ELIZALDE6’3”200Mexico City, Mexico7/28/78
53ANNDY5’8”175Havana, Cuba7/19/83
54ZULAIKA5’11”185San Sebastian, Spain2/12/91
56ZABALA6’2″187Markina, Spain9/1/88
59LEKE5’11”194Gernika, Spain12/13/94
60SALEGI6’2”210Markina, Spain1/31/90
64YECHE5’8”175Oloron-St. Marie, France1/27/90
67BAILO6’0”190Noain, Spain9/19/91
68ALEX5’9”150Markina, Spain3/15/01
69GOITIA5’11”160Bilbao, Spain5/4/93
89URTARAN6’4”205Vitoria, Spain12/26/78
98ELGEZABAL5’11”165Ispaster, Spain11/5/84

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